Solar farm with hills and sunset backgroundThe Electric Power Institute (EPI) at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California has been promoting power engineering education and research since its establishment in 1971. EPI serves as an interface between the university and the electric power industry and also serves as a center for electric power oriented activity within the university.

EPI is dedicated to the development of the best possible educational research and service in the area of power and energy systems, power quality, renewable and sustainable energy and power electronics. The EPI faculty initiates and carries out an expanded program of senior and graduate student research projects of a basic and widely applicable nature with the support of the program funds provided by the sponsors.

The EPI faculty and students are available to provide consulting services, on an appropriate fee basis, to the extent that these services do not conflict with their other responsibilities. Specific non-generic research projects would be handled on a grant or contract basis through the Cal Poly Corporation.

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Professor and Director of EPI

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